About the Founder Being the grandson of a Reverend and raised in a family reputed and renowned, it was a natural transition of Prof N I Abraham into a social leader to contribute much into the history of the village of Koothattukulam, which lay in the outskirts of Ernakulam. His first hand experiences in the freedom struggle for the nation had concreted a social concern in him, which would then pave way to his long stretch of activities and developments for the goodness of society.

The idea of banking services sprouted when faced with a string of money lending occasions for his fellow men, when he realized that a structured form of banking would benefit the society as a whole, while dimensioning the family business. Hence in the early 60's the Nedumpillil Finance Company was formed as a banking firm with chit as the main product, that turned into the exclusive go-to place for the people for financial matters. Being a law graduate and then a retired professor from Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha, he had the intellect and wits for flourishing an institution which was rare at those times, and hence, the company thrived, at the same time, innovated their strategies such that he made sure that the people benefited more, thus making them strongly attached to the company.

Throughout his tenure at the company, which lasted into the mid 70's, the service-oriented approach was stapled in every action, which in turn built the trust for the company. During these years he served as the Panchayat President for 17 years at Koothattukulam, as well as founded and served positions in Rajiv Gandhi Co-operative Hospital and Meat Products of India, while still being committed to NFC. It is from this strong base that the following generations continued the steps and unearthed newer lines of business to make NFC a presence not only in the place of founding, but throughout the state in a few years. Even now, the founder's principles are the framework of operations, no matter the latest technology used, or the changed target crowd.

About the Current Chairman

It was in 1976 that the current chairman Shri N A Issac entered the family business, making the year a milestone one because of the rapid progress the company achieved after his entry. The businessman in him had been untapped due to the Government job position he held, but the job was resigned from, and soon, all his efforts and enigma was directed towards the expansion of NFC as a company.

A visionary by nature, he did the inception of expansion of the business to other towns, a fete the founder was yet to achieve. In the year 1985, NFC opened up one of its major branches to-be, the Cochin branch at the Broadway, heralding the brand into the biggest town of the state, thereby taking a giant leap in the expansion of business. The company prospered immensely, thanks to his systematic management skills and tactics. Very soon branches were opened in Moovattupuzha, Thodupuzha and other parts of the Ernakulam city. It was during his tenure that Nedumpilil Gold Loans turned into a private limited company - "Nedumpillil Financial Company Private Limited".


To have a positive impact and influence on all our stakeholders. We will improve their quality of life by keeping their interests at heart.


To create a prosperous society through financial upliftment